DIY Trangia single drawstring bag

DIY Trangia single drawstring bag

This is an updated version of the original double drawstring bag. This version is less faf to get the Trangia in and simpler to open and close.

Trangia sell bags for their iconic cooking system that feel like they were an afterthought. There are a bunch of diy Trangia bags online however non of them spoke to me. This is my v2. 

If I ever have the honor of Trangia reading this, wax canvas feels very appropriate material for your stove bags and brand, just my two cents. 

Any questions please leave them in the comments on youtube and ill get back to you.


As always, free A4 and A3 printables hereI have included the illustrator file so you can amend the drawings if you would like. There are files for both the 27 and 25 sizes. 

Cord lock. Manufacturer: NIFCO. Model: CLEF20SA 

Here is a list of material and hardware suppliers depending on where in the world you are: Ripstopbytheroll Dutchwaregear Extrem textil Rip Stop Mozet Suppliers

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