DIY Camping compression bag 1

DIY Compression bag 1

Compression bags are a great way to remove air from bulky items and especially useful for bikepacking where space is always a little limited, even if JILL is huge (15-52L).

This compression bag goes from 5.5L down to 1L depending on what you are stuffing into it. Make multiple bags with different colours to quickly identify which is which helps.

I hope to make more DIY videos for bikepacking gear through this year. Any questions please leave them in the comments on youtube and ill get back to you. 

Here is a list of material and hard ware suppliers depending on where in the world you are: Ripstopbytheroll Dutchwaregear Extrem textil Rip Stop Mozet Suppliers

Here are the printable PDF files in either A4 or A3 format depending on what printer you have. I have included the Illustrator files in case you want to modify the pattern. Let us know how you get on, would love to see your results. Contact is in the footer. 

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Hi Claire, if you download and open the files in a vector based software you should be able to read the measurements. There are quite a few free vector based softwares available.


Are you able to share the dimensions of the pieces? I don’t own a printer.


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